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Oct 19th, 2018

JointCounterBid : PAYING

Exclusive list. Plans: 101.5% after 1 day | 2.4% daily for 20 days | 400% after 10 - 30 days

Oct 18th, 2018

Hour Dream LTD : PAYING

Exclusive list. Plans: 0.06% - 1% hourly forever

Oct 17th, 2018

Best Sports : WAITING

Normal list. Plans: 1% - 1.5% daily for 365 days

Castle Hawk Limited : PAYING

Premium list. Plans: 103% - 130% after 1 day | 12% daily for 12 days | 8% daily for 21 days

Bitbonum Limited : PAYING

Premium list. Plans: 25.92% - 27.6% daily for 4 days | 52% - 60% daily for 2 days | 3.13% - 10% hourly for 48 hours

7Invest LTD : PAYING

Premium list. Plans: 7% daily termless

Oct 16th, 2018

CoinsProtect : WAITING

Premium list. Plans: 120% - 190% after 90 - 360 days | 1.2% - 1.3% daily for 100 days

Oct 15th, 2018

Robotex Ai : PAYING

Normal list. Plans: 5% - 7% daily for 30 days

Aws Mining : PAYING

Premium list. Plans: 5% daily for 30 days | 10% daily for 60 days | 200% after 1 day

Crypto Control LTD : PAYING

Exclusive list. Plans: 10% - 13% daily for 14 days

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Investment Plans: 3% daily termless


Our Investment: $65.00

Payout Ratio: 136%

Worked: 62 days

Monitored: 55 days

Minimal Spend: 50 RUB

Referral Bonus: 10%*

Withdrawal: Automatic

Principal Return: Included in %

Interest Charge: Calendar days

Maximal Spend: No Limit

Last Paid: Jul 3rd, 2018

Our Rating: Rating HYIPRating HYIPhalf rating star___empty rating star___empty rating star

Users Voting: 5 / 5

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About HYIP (machine translation):
Hello! We are a team of traffic arbitration professionals. Usually people rarely read this section, but this section is our chip. Let's do an analysis of the projects that make a profit. As practice has shown, the most effective are economic simulators, roughly speaking "economic games". The question is why? Stable marketing around 1% per day, shows work in 500-600 days. Many people trust this kind of marketing? Yes, of course a lot! A smart person understands that 365% a year is 300 times more than in a bank, but there are risks. For our part, we want to say that there is no risk without money! Is it worth taking a chance and taking part in our project? Yes, it's worth it! We offer a profit three times more than economic games. Will we close? Yes, we will close! But having worked 200 days (and this is less than a year), we will give 600%, but imagine a year or two. The prospects are huge! Moreover, you do not need to buy any fruits, vegetables, cars. Having made a deposit, you just relax. Money automatically come directly to the purse. You, walk, sleep, rest - your money works and every day brin g in income.Who are we and what are we doing? We have a team of 8 people. We deal with traffic arbitration. This concept does not make sense to consider in detail, read about it yourself. Arbitration gives a stable, great profit, with the right understanding and approach. We will increase the turnover volumes at the expense of investors and, accordingly, increase profits. Each of our investors will receive super-profits, but we will not remain without money. A lifetime plan is an intelligent and right decision. Pursuing your business, we will get profit on a daily basis, and accordingly all our investors too! Make a decision! You do not have to do anything, even order payments. By investing once, get money each on a full machine, just, do not forget to check your wallet.

Accept: PayeerPayeer

Features: DDoS protectionDDoS protection | SSL encryptionSSL encryption | Dedicated server/IPDedicated server/IP | Unique designUnique design | Unique scriptUnique script

Forums: MMGP

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