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Dec 16th, 2018


Exclusive list. Plans: 7% - 10% daily for 20 days | 250 - 350% after 18 - 14 days

Dec 14th, 2018

InvestGuru : PAYING

Normal list. Plans: 28.75% - 45% weekly for4 weeks | 3.83% - 6% daily for 30 days | 100.5% - 103% after 1 day

Dec 11th, 2018

Coinicor : PAYING

Exclusive list. Plans: 1.5% daily termless

Private Shares Limited : PAYING

Premium list. Plans: 1.1% - 2.3% daily for 90 - 30 business days

GoldMinersCooperative : PAYING

Premium list. Plans: 10% - 15% daily termless

PP Earn Details
Normal list
Investment Plans: 1% - 2% daily for 30 business days | 250% after 30 days

Status: PAYING

Our Investment: $30.00

Payout Ratio: 65%

Lifetime: 96 days

Monitored: 93 days

Minimal Spend: $10

Referral Bonus: 0.6-1%

Withdrawal: Instant

Principal Return: At the end

Interest Charge: Working days

Maximal Spend: $50,000

Last Paid: Dec 14th, 2018

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About HYIP: is a professionally managed group of skillful traders. Our primary job is to help our members profit. We are professionals and we have developed a system that will allow you to profit handsomely. It includes defined risk and suggested money management which are both required for consistent profits and capital preservation. Currency markets (includ Cryptographic currency) are highly speculative and volatile in nature. Any currency can become very expensive or very cheap in relation to any or all other currencies in a matter of days, hours or sometimes minutes. This exact volatile nature of the currencies is what attracts an investor to trade and invest in the currency market. Investing your money in a fixed deposit account of a bank is relatively safer. Each investor should examine their allowable risk and keep it within a reasonable amount he or she can easily afford to lose. The investment should not be so great that, if lost, will affect the investor's lifestyle. We have spent thousands of dollars for the safety of your funds and information while designing this program.

Accept: BitcoinBitcoin | EthereumEthereum | LitecoinLitecoin | PayeerPayeer | Perfect MoneyPerfect Money

Features: DDoS protectionDDoS protection | SSL encryptionSSL encryption | Licensed GC scriptLicensed GC script | Dedicated server/IPDedicated server/IP

Forums: MMGP

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+ $2.73


Date: Dec 16th, 2018

+ $1.30

Winberg Sport

Date: Dec 16th, 2018

+ $6.60


Date: Dec 16th, 2018

+ $8.22

Nex Revolt LTD

Date: Dec 16th, 2018

+ $0.63

UpBillion Online

Date: Dec 16th, 2018

+ $0.69


Date: Dec 16th, 2018

+ $4.55


Date: Dec 16th, 2018

+ $0.90

Ema Investment

Date: Dec 16th, 2018

+ $0.29


Date: Dec 16th, 2018

+ $0.30

Crypto Currencies Trading LTD

Date: Dec 16th, 2018

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1223 days


1186 days

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1159 days


1156 days

Cyber Bank

606 days

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Date: Dec 15th, 2018

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Date: Dec 11th, 2018

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Date: Dec 11th, 2018

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Date: Dec 11th, 2018

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Date: Dec 9th, 2018

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