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Cfg Liberty Project Details

Investment plans: 1.11% - 2.7% daily for 20 - 45 days (charges only at work days) | 500% - 5000% after 25 - 120 days

Status: PAYING

Our deposit: $100.00

Payout ratio: 180%

Last paid: Jun 20th, 2024

Minimal spend: $10

Maximal spend: $500,000

Referral bonus: 1%

Support: Support E-Mail Support Form

Withdrawal: Manual

Interest charge: Working days

Principal return: Yes, after expiration

Lifetime: 557 days

Monitored: 557 days

Users voting: No votes

Minimum withdrawal: $3
CFG Liberty Limited is a private investment company #15482742 registered in the UK. On December 12, 2022, the head of the company launches an online platform and takes responsibility for effectively using the company’s resources to optimize cash flow, minimize risks, and find solutions to ensure the economic sustainability and stability of the company. CFG Liberty Limited is a team of experienced professionals who offers to achieve financial freedom for each of our clients. We use modern tools in the private investment market, such as: trading on the stock market, trading in securities, the crypto-currency market, our team also did not pass by. Thanks to our new trading strategy, we always achieve maximum profits with minimal risks. Professionalism and responsibility are the main advantages over competitors we offer our clients a wide selection of investment solutions, where even an inexperienced investor can achieve the desired results and double their investments in a short time.

Payment systems: PaymentTether TRC20

Hyip features: FeatureStrong DDoS protection | FeatureSSL encryption | FeatureLicensed GC script | FeatureDedicated server/IP | FeatureUnique design | FeatureRegistered company

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