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Meta Age Ltd Project Details

Investment plans: 100.1% - 300% after 1 - 6 hours


Our deposit: $50.00

Payout ratio: 30%

Last paid: Feb 1st, 2023

Minimal spend: $10

Maximal spend: $100,000

Referral bonus: 0.05%-10%*

Support: -

Withdrawal: Instant

Interest charge: Calendar days

Principal return: Included in earnings

Worked: 38 days

Monitored: 30 days

Users voting: 5 / 5

Minimum withdrawal: not provided, you can explore website of investment program for details
The current conjuncture of the global financial market is such that cryptographic currencies, despite massive skepticism, have become an integral part of it. Cryptocurrencies have repeatedly and unrealistically prophesied collapses, but at the same time, government tools of control do not influence the cryptocurrency market. As a result, the digital currency has firmly established itself in the financial market, and the demand for it is constantly growing. The popularization of transactions with crypto-currencies contributes to the development of this market segment, due to which the rate of digital money relative to the most popular "real" currencies only strengthens over time.

Payment systems: PaymentePayCore | PaymentTether TRC20 | PaymentTether BEP20 | PaymentBitcoin | PaymentLitecoin | PaymentEthereum | PaymentDogecoin | PaymentDash | PaymentTron | PaymentBNB.BSC

Hyip features: FeatureStrong DDoS protection | FeatureSSL encryption | FeatureLicensed GC script | FeatureDedicated server/IP | FeatureRegistered company

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Date E-Mail IP
Feb 2nd, 2023 01:03 PM [email protected] 98.159.226.xxx
ExcellentPAYMENT 212 USDT Hash: 1f57737660ae72fc6472bb9bb17414d2701e188e4a03b12d945c7dad6ec4516e
Feb 2nd, 2023 12:45 PM [email protected] 157.97.122.xxx
Excellent$152.50 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account bc1q243yn8lnr825pu30d5knfkccwzwhvmq3ye0z4x. Transaction batch is af3960bfd6be9c5c16724aed08be875a1d45320f32f0848b9bc38a93797e4699.
Feb 2nd, 2023 12:24 PM [email protected] 45.95.243.xxx
ExcellentDate: 2023-02-02 Coin: USDT Deposit amount: 301 Network: TRX Address: TU4vEruvZwLLkSfV9bNw12EJTPvNr7Pvaa TxID: f33dffe4bb4ab22387390625938c95d6dca372f5d233094af8fb7738ae0fd2c4
Feb 1st, 2023 02:33 PM [email protected] 45.67.96.xxx
ExcellentReceived payment: $230.71 Date: Feb 1, 2023 BTC Hash: 3ab2d71e2a6186389f99ad663d218a49fc2374cf9cfc26ee7f2f803a74ed0c22
Feb 1st, 2023 02:13 PM [email protected] 194.61.41.xxx
Excellent$730.99 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TDZq6p5WCVRU6SFzQu9xMZUHMcziAAwHRx. Transaction batch is 6bf7afd2fd08af234210adda169d712f14157e2bd591c9303f19f77fa09fc15b.
Feb 1st, 2023 01:52 PM [email protected] 191.101.252.xxx
Excellent$461.23 has been successfully sent to your Dash account XtQdVhqugdiy8fmTxMC6mQxcfjUtXjxrYq. Transaction batch is 8418cb5d6d92935db88be8073603721330019303081ff51ffd838f693e29fe7e.
Jan 31st, 2023 03:11 PM [email protected] 157.97.120.xxx
ExcellentYou have received Bitcoin Cash payment. Amount: 82.55 USD Date: Jan 31, 2023 Hash: f8092b96b5fc6985011eb80a8336453c839239f356e4101cda4fdb74dfbcb437
Jan 31st, 2023 02:53 PM [email protected] 194.107.160.xxx
ExcellentDate: 2023-01-31 Coin: USDT Deposit amount: 150.91 Network: TRX Address: TYwt6XaZp3TWPr9u7ae6foKWrc9Y3p27tC TxID: e8e0d57fbfb5768d7c16156c6e01707345a6e410c638ae888c9f3cb6b4b80278
Jan 31st, 2023 02:19 PM [email protected] 71.19.252.xxx
ExcellentPAYMENT 3.09727664 LTC ($282.97) Hash: 04377aa827f08a1a1b255dc87b2ecca3ad98bc55fa339a22d28472bd6b12a070
Jan 30th, 2023 12:01 PM [email protected] 98.159.226.xxx
ExcellentWithdrawal $ 70.87 DATE 30.01.2023 Withdraw to account DBXKFjE4j4C9pcCW9J2rdEHiZsXYTKpPQa. Hash is 877a6bb0c99d4f308617abd2c3b828dac3d6c11f905e0ccec2751edd48a5784b.
Jan 30th, 2023 11:33 AM [email protected] 173.244.55.xxx
ExcellentTransaction ID: bbc99c018f9c3df9ea717adb1726a220e6f15d73eebc2ab0360d53380c9626ba Date of transaction: Jan 30, 2023 Amount: 487.09 USD
Jan 30th, 2023 11:17 AM [email protected] 45.91.20.xxx
ExcellentHello ExpertHYIP. $140.21 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TG8PRYF8UQBPUDL4MW5f8i11Dma4KwuUBR. Transaction batch is 7b6d7a75460fa8b2174b8d97a8ebd515ed391417af1734b41ab0eb2cb4ab1702.
Jan 28th, 2023 02:03 PM [email protected] 173.239.196.xxx
Excellent$162.91 has been successfully sent to your Dash account XvkxruHxW7pyHauVyfMakD6HWTECPLP1qv. Transaction batch is 3a76068165903a5c9caac4a11159b1e1e021b88b3fdfedf1db1afd4e75a5b141.
Jan 27th, 2023 01:29 PM [email protected] 157.254.166.xxx
ExcellentReceived LTC payment. 1.74149830 LTC ($152.56) Transaction batch is: ebb2342b4b399b183ca265e58c706327bd002748ffc5a8e148cf2cf4bd8934e4
Jan 27th, 2023 01:10 PM [email protected] 45.132.225.xxx
Excellent$571.12 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account bc1qyans99u6nmdrkkgxcteezscvzdxnuqdahxvw7x. Transaction batch is c847bd2acd6577d03a7308340f0abdce3e180ad6c7b2ab2df74c1e03dd9a321a.
Jan 27th, 2023 12:44 PM [email protected] 196.196.106.xxx
ExcellentPAYMENT 123.06 USDT Hash: 56c53f39a4857415b52199b2ee122470a1d3f164466c07b69dbe87f155439a29
Jan 26th, 2023 02:28 PM [email protected] 173.244.55.xxx
ExcellentReceived 0.01920836 BTC ($444.06) Transaction ID is f2e90be3ebbf15071733a1cea65ebd278d8500fde523098d0fac09cbcc1e62dc. Thank you.
Jan 26th, 2023 02:13 PM [email protected] 82.118.30.xxx
Excellent$504.80 has been deposited on your Dash account. Transaction ID: 1a2409ec1712d820f7b9c69f8103ceb29bff06c0605dbce66cfa568eeb852d2a
Jan 26th, 2023 01:48 PM [email protected] 185.221.132.xxx
Excellent$559.50 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TWiqyDmT6pGsz627e3suLgPD4GTac6oSpq. Transaction batch is 988152a8fc262691748380d9f9ceb185737e1885801a6e8dcb65c0f1c829cade.
Jan 25th, 2023 01:46 PM [email protected] 173.239.196.xxx
ExcellentReceived payment: $674.46 Date: Jan 25, 2023 BTC Hash: 2e341936f36420c922747d85e6cb1d69c84575c2123f33612b87e673328095f5
Jan 25th, 2023 01:25 PM [email protected] 136.144.43.xxx
ExcellentHello UnderdogRAP. $151.10 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TENo8XHQhRXQeKZygvfjaamFvPHNCE6uUy. Transaction batch is 823c079f2d6544e9ea7cb264c1c43a86a167891f1212b4fb14003afc63f56726.
Jan 25th, 2023 01:00 PM [email protected] 185.51.134.xxx
Excellent$295.76 has been deposited on your Dash account. Transaction ID: b1656c7b02817fc82022ca886d1b1de70bac59110a1b19122dc72d6c10d737b4
Jan 24th, 2023 01:55 PM [email protected] 173.244.55.xxx
Excellent$436.87 has been successfully sent to your Litecoin account MR84YQeBefbLfn9PmPdXxWfVuZPgEn7DUS. Transaction batch is 42370f19fe38c32af48f77c8c706742a153e50f096b40fcda3d861747590dd8d.
Jan 24th, 2023 01:22 PM [email protected] 193.37.255.xxx
ExcellentReceived 0.01169878 BTC ($268.87) Transaction ID is 690d0a0d51fa9aa9ccbc9c3c179eeb58b88fed4dae4601b78fd6da1edbc9b41b. Thank you.
Jan 24th, 2023 01:01 PM [email protected] 185.195.19.xxx
ExcellentHello GreyWolf. $97.50 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TK8eqmUKj17bG1nYxJVgaQxP3eQ86smqRb. Transaction batch is ce362d5dc1cf3a5ef9815ae0af2bf389f2b002175fad73ceb0bfc43d32500a5d.