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Date: Dec 8th, 2021

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Order services at Monitoring

 Our domain name is only www.sqmonitor.com. Beware of scammers in messengers who write on our behalf and ask for money for non-existent services.
SQMonitor.com it is Qualitative HYIP Monitoring, so we offer:
  • guarantee of high quality services, despite of relatively low cost, because we have 12 years experience in HYIP Monitoring business;
  • zero monitoring fee, that mean, all amount for listing will be invested in your program;
  • open topics and post daily payment proofs at most popular English and Russian HYIP forums (DTM, TGF, MMGP and many others);
  • ~5k followers in Telegram group and chat will see your program;
  • post daily payment proofs in your Telegram chat and Facebook page;
  • 1,5k unique visitors will see your program daily at our home page (Histats.com);
  • our status button placed at all popular aggregators, we have high trust score at HYIPLogs and ISP so it can increase your positions there;
  • positive votes (payment proofs) at HYIPLogs.com and InvestorStartPage.com aggregators;
  • free 728x90 and 468x60 banner placement (depend on listing type) at all our pages.
Our Monitoring packages (HYIP listing):
HYIP listing type Includes services Price * Order
Exclusive daily payment proofs posting at 30 HYIP forums;
daily payment proofs posting in your Telegram chat and Facebook page;
positive voting at HYIPLogs.com and InvestorStartPage.com;
announcement in our Telegram group and chat;
728x90 and 468x60 banner at all our pages;
high place in rating (+1 star)
$200 Order
Premium daily payment proofs posting at 15 HYIP forums;
positive voting at HYIPLogs.com and InvestorStartPage.com;
announcement in our Telegram group and chat;
728x90 banner at all our pages;
middle place in rating
$100 Order
Normal daily payment proofs posting at 8 HYIP forums;
announcement in our Telegram group and chat;
468x60 banner at all rating pages;
place in rating
$50 Order
* 100% of amount will be invested into HYIP for monitoring purposes. Payment proofs posting is included in price.

Our Ads packages (Banners):
Banner type Size and location Price/week Order
Top 728x90 in rotation, top of all pages $15 Order
Inside 468x60 in rotation, between HYIPs in list $5 Order
** For banner advertising referral links is allowed.
Our rules and conditions for adding HYIP or banner advertising:
  • only the administrator or owner can add HYIP, referral links is not allowed;
  • HYIP ratings and statuses based on publicly available information and personal experience of monitoring administration. Cannot be disputed, but any comments and suggestions are welcome;
  • we accept bonus deposit, but in this case we can not open threads at the Russian HYIP forums (it is forums rules);
  • we NOT accept any special/monitoring plans;
  • one free lifetime banner available for Premium (728x90 rotating banner) and Normal (468x60 rotating banner) listings, for Exclusive available both banners;
  • if we detect fraud or selective payments, we reserve the right to move HYIP into the blacklist (SCAM) and/or remove all advertisements without any refunds;
  • we have the right to reject listing request without explanation. In this case money will be refunded.
Beware of scammers in messengers, our contacts only like here.
For payment use only these accounts:
Perfect MoneyU3373242
Bitcoin Cashqq9ny49ne0lzngkqgc34uz393s4zfch7dsdasgk83e
TronTVa7F5LvdjqVcJmbWz5KwPrxJRBtGN9MoW (+ USDT-TRC20)
Ethereum0x26d5b74C3641cf57cEb32629eCFa387CB098e444 (+ USDT-ERC20)

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