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Robotic Invest HYIP Details

Investment plans: 2.5% daily for 44 days, 120% after 7 days, 160% after 14 days


Our deposit: $50.00

Payout ratio: 144%

Worked: 55 days

Monitored: 55 days

Minimal spend: $10

Referral bonus: 3%

Withdrawal: Instant

Principal return: Included in earnings

Interest charge: Calendar days

Maximal spend: $50 000

Last paid: Nov 17th, 2010

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Users voting: 5 / 5

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Robotic Invest Ltd. is a private investment company situated in the United Kingdom. Robotic Invest deals with robotics and electronics related investments. The Robotics sector is rather lucrative and our team of experts have over 4 years of experience and knowledge investing in this field. After running very sucessfully offline for over 4 years we have now decided to register as an online legal entity and offer investment services to the online market. We offer several attractive and profitable plans to our online investors. Our investment portfolio exists of a wide range of Robotics investment. Industrial robot investments, Robot stock trading, ETF's and robot venture capital. We are constantly monitoring the news and our contacts to learn about the opening of new factories. Every factory in this modern world requires some form of industrial robotic work, for example, several hundred robotic arms on a car production line. We approach new facories and often secure contracts to supply their robotics equipment, generating a long-term profit.

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