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Fish-invest Project Details

Investment plans: 3% daily for 66 days


Our deposit: $165.00

Payout ratio: 9%

Worked: 38 days

Monitored: 12 days

Minimal spend: $10

Referral bonus: 7%

Withdrawal: Automatic

Principal return: Included in earnings

Interest charge: Calendar days

Maximal spend: $500

Last paid: May 25th, 2017

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Some of you might have aquariums with different species of fish at home. But most of you hardly give thought to where they come from. In most countries, there is an aquarium industry, where they deal with breeding of fish in artificial conditions. But in order to be engaged in aquaristics, start with delivering fish. There also exist exotic fish species, which are difficult to breed in artificial conditions. All of the most interesting and unusual fish species live and breed in the environment created by nature. Aquarists, shops, collectors, and those, who love the underwater world are interested in the very species. We have already experienced the benefits, delivering these fish species from the places beyond the reach for many. Due to strong business connections, we have the opportunity to invest in this type of activity, namely, the wholesale delivery of exotic fish from the Indian Ocean Islands to Europe. As for the investment – that is a profitable business, as the value of a single fish, when delivered to the end customer, is increased by 10 times.

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