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Vip-Miners Project Details

Investment plans: 7% - 10% daily for 22 days | 260% after 20 days | 360% after 17 days


Our deposit: $165.00

Payout ratio: 110%

Last paid: Dec 23rd, 2017

Minimal spend: $10

Maximal spend: $10,000

Referral bonus: 5%

Support: -

Withdrawal: Instant

Interest charge: Calendar days

Principal return: Yes, after expiration

Worked: 18 days

Monitored: 11 days

Users voting: 3 / 5

Minimum withdrawal: not provided, you can explore website of investment program for details
What do you know about bitcoin? Couple decades ago, nobody could imagine, that computer would earn money. Nowadays, it’s enough for you to buy bitcoin farm and you will become an owner of passive profit. But it’s not so easy, as it seems. At a minimum, you should know a lot about computers. Abilities of setting up computers are not taken into consideration. If you start to work with this further, you will face some difficulties. For example: high-availability software and uninterruptible Internet access. And you will face a million of reasons, whu you can’t do it. Since 2016, our company is engaged in professional mining. We have got premises with equipment, prepared staff and uninterruptible Internet access. We are sure of the success so much, that’s why we invest in expanding our computing power. This year bitcoin shows the stable tendency, growth. Every day mining becomes more profitable. At a cost of bitcoin more than 10000 USD, we can allow to expand permanently. If you dream about carefree future as we, join us and we will lead to a better future together.

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