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300% RCB

Crypto Bulls Project Details

Investment plans: 1% - 2% daily for 15 - 75 days | mining


Our deposit: $165.00

Payout ratio: 7%

Worked: 108 days

Monitored: 14 days

Minimal spend: $50

Referral bonus: ?-7%*

Withdrawal: Manual

Principal return: Yes, after expiration

Interest charge: Working days

Maximal spend: $500,000

Last paid: Jul 16th, 2018

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What does the company do? Crypto Bulls accumulates money of investors and then puts them for the purpose of the maximum possible profit receiving. The more an investment pool which we collect the is easier to create additional profit and the our activity is more active and more effective. We can buy the equipment, adjust it, applying own algorithms and to start the process of cryptocurrency mining. And the more the investment pool, the is more powerful a mining farm, which we are capable to construct and start to get a profit. We can create a powerful trading association, is influential acting on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and, concluding future contracts, to speculate with the cryptocurrency funds. The more money we invest in such future contracts, the more our influence and it is more favorable than a possibility of work at the exchanges. And, respectively, we earn more both for ourselves and for investors. We can create the system of control and optimization of trading processes which are performs at the speculative operations with cryptocurrency or with fiat money. For this purpose we buy both as already developed technologies of optimization, and we invest money in an own developments that raises total profit. We control each stage of our business and we achieve of the greatest possible profit.

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