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300% RCB

Social Invest Project Details

Investment plans: up to 20% monthly, interest charge every week (starting from next week)


Our deposit: $50.00

Payout ratio: 92%

Worked: 1086 days

Monitored: 1036 days

Minimal spend: $0.1

Referral bonus: 5%, 2%, 1%**

Withdrawal: Manual

Principal return: Yes, after expiration

Interest charge: Calendar days

Maximal spend: No limit

Last paid: Mar 31st, 2022

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Description (machine translation):
Social invest invests in various financial markets (cryptocurrency, forex and traffic arbitrage). Such a multifaceted model makes it possible to consistently earn up to 20% per month with minimal risks, since with a decrease in the effectiveness of one of the sources, others compensate for all costs. The project has no restrictions on the duration of the contribution. Withdrawals are available at any time.

Payment systems: Tether TRC20Tether TRC20

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