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Oct 15th, 2021


0.1% - 0.2% daily forever (principal withdraw available immediately with 5% fee or without fee after 20 days)


0.7% - 1.3% daily for 30 days (principal back)


0.08% - 11% hourly forever | 10.3% - 27% hourly for 10 hours | 107% - 1200% after 1 day | 4800% after 2 days | 16100% after 3 days | 22000% after 4 days


5% daily for 31 days (principal back available after 1 days with 20% fee and after 20 days with 10% fee) | 6% daily for 40 days (principal back) | 10% daily for 50 days

Oct 13th, 2021


1.7% - 4% daily for 15 - 30 days

Oct 12th, 2021


0.09% hourly for 2400 hours | 0.2% hourly for 960 hours | 0.8% hourly for 168 hours | 1.9% hourly for 72 hours

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Date: Oct 15th, 2021

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Date: Oct 15th, 2021

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Date: Oct 15th, 2021

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Date: Oct 15th, 2021

+ $3.65


Date: Oct 15th, 2021

+ $3.00


Date: Oct 15th, 2021

+ $20.54


Date: Oct 15th, 2021

+ $2.12


Date: Oct 15th, 2021

+ $2.00


Date: Oct 15th, 2021

+ $3.75


Date: Oct 15th, 2021

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Date: Oct 15th, 2021


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Date: Oct 3rd, 2021

FlyTop HYIP Details

Investment plans: 104% - 135% after 1 day | 125% - 300% after 5 days | 170% - 600% after 10 days | 300% - 1200% after 20 days


Our deposit: $65.00

Payout ratio: 84%

Worked: 36 days

Monitored: 33 days

Minimal spend: $10

Referral bonus: 5%

Withdrawal: Manual

Principal return: Included in earnings

Interest charge: Calendar days

Maximal spend: $100,000

Last paid: Oct 24th, 2019

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Users voting: 2 / 5

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The appearance of cryptocurrency in the world financial market made a real sensation. And although some skeptics predict a quick fail of this system, the leading financiers of the world deny this point of view, forecasting a gradual transition of settlement transactions over the Internet into the electronic money. Bitcoin has been the most stable and popular cryptocurrency, shows astonishing course growth, making many people look for opportunities to earn money on trading transactions associated with the purchase and sale of digital money. Other types of cryptocurrencies such as LiteCoin, Ether, and BCH, although they cannot compete with the price of Bitcoin, they are still characterized by sufficiently strong volatility, which allows profiting from trading transactions to experienced traders. But, trader’s inexperience or insufficient size of the trading deposit may become an obstacle to income generation on the cryptocurrency market. With the purpose of minimization of the financial losses, you should trust your capital to the investment company, which will be able to save the investor’s funds and multiply them. The FLYTOP LTD Company combined efforts of successful traders, which dramatically increased the effectiveness of their work. Combination of capitals also paid off and allowed to increase the volume of transactions. Further development of the company implies attracting additional investments from individuals or legal entities, which will allow in coming out to a higher level of operation. Increasing the number of transactions and general volume of trading transactions is the only possible way to further grow the profit, which in its turn will bring great dividends to its investors, the size of which depends from the sum of investment and chosen investment plan. We provide high liquidity of financial transactions due to the wise use of trading strategies as well as diversification of risks through trade with several cryptocurrency pairs at simultaneously. This allows wise distributing financial means into different directions. We have our own analytical department, specialists of which implement the daily analysis of the cryptocurrency market and prepare an expert opinion about prognoses of cryptocurrency prices for traders. The use of such analytical materials allows traders to correct in time the strategy of trading for implementation of maximum results. Investment in the cryptocurrency market is a profitable business that is accessible to everyone. As of today, such activity is one of the most reliable methods of receiving a stable income.

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