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ZeppelinCars.com Project Details

Investment plans: 0.5% daily for 500 days | 3% daily for 90 days | 6% daily for 35 days | 12% daily for 18 days | 20% daily for 10 days | 150% after 1 day | 200% after 3 days | 300% after 7 days | 400% after 15 days | 500% after 35 days | 1000% after 70 days


Our deposit: $200.00

Payout ratio: 59%

Worked: 187 days

Monitored: 144 days

Minimal spend: $10

Referral bonus: 5-15%, 2%, 1%

Withdrawal: Manual

Principal return: Yes, after expiration

Interest charge: Working days

Maximal spend: No limit

Last paid: Dec 5th, 2021

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Users voting: 5 / 5

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Zeppelin Cars Limited - one of the leaders in luxury car rental and buy/sell Multinational Cars Companies Shares industry in United Kingdom. RUNNING SINCE 2015, 6 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN CARS INVESTMENT BUSINESS. Officially We have obtained a special license of conducting activities which has opened access to the international market of the London , New York, Moscow, Mexico City, Tokyo, Dubai, Istanbul, Paris and Bangkok as well as provided an opportunity to take part in the implementation of government orders. Company CAR & DRIVER RENT A CAR LLC (Limited Liability Company) License Nr. 13446137 securely ZEPPELIN CARS LIMITED Company received an SSL certificate from a recognized industry leader - the company Comodo . Class Certificate Sectigo EV SSL means passing the most stringent inspection and provide all the information laid down to personal data of employees. Sectigo SSL certificate provides a complete data protection, which is confirmed by a green stripe (green bar) in the address bar of the project ZEPPELIN CARS Limited.

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Nov 30th, 2021 06:41 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 46.211.27.xxx
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Nov 6th, 2021 11:08 AM xxxxx@gmail.com 37.19.213.xxx
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