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300% RCB

Alux Mining Ltd Project Details

Investment plans: 2.7% daly for 25 days | 3.3% daily for 15 days (principal return) | 180% after 7 days | 230% after 5 days (principal included)


Our deposit: $50.00

Payout ratio: 175%

Worked: 71 days

Monitored: 70 days

Minimal spend: $25

Referral bonus: 5%

Withdrawal: Manual

Principal return: Yes, after expiration

Interest charge: Calendar days

Maximal spend: $10,000

Last paid: Sep 2nd, 2022

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Users voting: 5 / 5

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Alux Mining Ltd was established in 2020 by a group of talented traders and businessmen from all over the world. The main goal is to make money on speculation, when trading on various exchanges, both cryptocurrencies and ordinary currency pairs. With the help of constant market analysis, our team earns both on the decrease and on the increase in exchange rates. We have created a product for the complete automation of opening and closing deals. Our automated system includes tools to constantly monitor market trends, which significantly reduces potential risks. The team of analysts and programmers at Alux Mining Ltd is constantly improving our system, which is also self-learning through the use of neural networks.

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Date E-Mail IP
Sep 2nd, 2022 09:31 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 5.189.223.xxx
Excellent$2,125.71 has been successfully sent to your BTC account bc1qens4q2u89pcnakzvk6jtsfdmmzxdmgf44wpat9. Transaction batch is 104a4f06fdc64be2ac338081a87e591db6c002b9a5d9e3f9c185f27b3a5742e6.
Sep 1st, 2022 10:29 PM xxxxx@yandex.ru 51.15.48.xxx
ExcellentReceived payment: $1,057.67 Date: Sep 1, 2022 BTC Hash: 2b791d11898f845c27f00296a94c8c4fe142639bd4ab118e14b3f226e14fd383
Aug 29th, 2022 06:27 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 178.172.227.xxx
Excellent$471.98 has been successfully sent to your Dash account XdDqAr3gRSYp5KzuuiKJp5DKcVxCV1NjkD. Transaction batch is 5087ec6617146166dbe76d5813d84c7e3f06645745db7669a8f7175949db8c83.
Aug 27th, 2022 01:02 PM xxxxx@mail.ru 37.144.217.xxx
Excellent$315.55 has been successfully sent to your BTC account bc1q83z2pdmdv4mu6ck0lsazfwtvq5cs35a6ltxpqu. Transaction batch is 12607fa150eb7ab1e67f3cf34aab22e9b372f72958fa6f22f7774120750b4f80.
Jul 30th, 2022 01:06 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 80.246.28.xxx
Excellent$50.20 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TS7yUydsWaqsPbdCHKLWSEDLkHcvNyKbnD. Transaction batch is 3d907357e67f80bf72046562136d39861b9c3366e50e5243fa5351592e65f043.
Jul 30th, 2022 12:26 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 198.181.163.xxx
ExcellentWithdraw to Dogecoin has been completed successfully. Deposited: 25.96$ to wallet AAs7AArGKiuA43NPE9wsgLZkqZYLvrxSxg. Hash: 1b5534eeaea7d93478e6d2ebf53018d87f2bbd98a2ca2739b6269e1a86f5c187
Jul 30th, 2022 12:02 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 176.67.87.xxx
ExcellentReceived 0.00484917 BTC ($115.69) Transaction ID is b1682319144d5866e2f044c533c0e73f434d0591a19d3b1b0027a23c8cc967e1. Thank you.
Jul 29th, 2022 03:12 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 199.33.69.xxx
ExcellentPAYMENT 0.91439607 LTC ($58.07) Hash: 8a378ba2d2dfbdcbe04c87decd2cd3b59091e5275be9e665d8f5c625c94e10f5
Jul 29th, 2022 02:26 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 185.108.106.xxx
ExcellentPayed Transaction ID: dbcd507bd5c359144248c473e5fb9c906437b41c8888b625009289bc61a52d1f Date of transaction: Jul 29, 2022 Amount: 84.28 USD
Jul 29th, 2022 02:05 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 205.185.214.xxx
ExcellentHello UnderdogRAP. $12.20 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TVDr2ZDM6uqxEgnbD1y9vKY8hqww9zQotX. Transaction batch is 112f9670f86c3f26a9c24ca9d2dcf41e423ea0976fdf20c0083fb70896180421.
Jul 28th, 2022 02:38 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 131.153.41.xxx
ExcellentPaying Date: 2022-07-28 11:37 Coin: USDT Deposit amount: 99.40 Network: TRX Address: TVTUzozPW58eTLH4NFvBd8VDzUS6o1exo9 TxID: 02379f87d6e82bcd921e5572edea714da53f0271a1a92aac99b0be734b58964e
Jul 28th, 2022 01:58 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 216.131.114.xxx
ExcellentNew Incoming Dogecoin Transaction. Received 1,407.3887 Dogecoin ($94.37). Hash: 38afb6ef933d6dedfd33f50b8bc8b6086288bb2887ba4f6083aa48e2414779ff Thank you.
Jul 28th, 2022 01:36 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 173.245.209.xxx
ExcellentReceived payment: $357.32 Date: Jul 28, 2022 BTC Hash: b2dc9c0436f6452c74438abe63d4c3f86247b97559fb0e7f46b8bd40e9da6bf7
Jul 27th, 2022 04:20 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 209.127.24.xxx
Excellent$263.55 has been successfully sent to your BTC account 1NYxnXqcZDHifZYKsJAhrtBkjfFRSJBZsB. Transaction batch (TX) is 5d1f3d861d524a74212251c366a97738a4dc6857383ae5f469d41f6d883792a1.
Jul 27th, 2022 03:59 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 216.131.109.xxx
Excellent$123.72 has been deposited on your Dash account. Transaction ID: 953823b94abebbce7878df9e9653101a99e8f88d4f74f115adf7f573f93941e0
Jul 27th, 2022 03:46 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 37.120.218.xxx
ExcellentReceived payment: $58.59 Date: Jul 27, 2022 BTC Hash: 81ebfb31c0a88b276f86dbb49e8b23d1050b657ea3c56540cbb557b3f073eeb8
Jul 26th, 2022 02:39 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 185.147.214.xxx
Excellent$144.86 has been successfully sent to your BTC account bc1qgdsdmzvklvwv6s9w9kq645rlf6f79ue3npra0s. Transaction batch (TX) is f00e96f772ce25a9e3cfc41cc2a9da7c4292cb8a9f32ab87cfa66241774d3dce.
Jul 26th, 2022 02:20 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 85.10.57.xxx
ExcellentПлатит. Дата 2022/07/26 Монета Dash Сумма 30.93 USD TxHash c0cef2ab4d109fd1bc15d5cf9112268c7b3dcda25f7b5f5f4d6bda1d098fe76a
Jul 26th, 2022 02:05 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 80.246.31.xxx
ExcellentPayment received. PAYMENT 74.48 USDT Hash: 42c3ffdd1ca6a4f9a9e21942beefc9cb18f64bee360da8a60509888c47c4eb45
Jul 25th, 2022 02:18 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 185.108.107.xxx
ExcellentAlux paying! New incoming BTC transaction. +0.00305596 BTC ($69.24) Hash: 8e6357001c2932529abfeea95922e84c8cc97d907a7b201c630b308dfc21b737
Jul 25th, 2022 02:00 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 176.67.84.xxx
ExcellentPayed. Hello GreyWolf. $99.50 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TGNMzBtmcWVZJfqRa5A4TztiFu5BHKgwCr. Transaction batch is f0d5c99f609c4f4b54fbcc46fa896155e4770222bf5ea850e852bf830056a431.
Jul 25th, 2022 01:46 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 209.107.204.xxx
ExcellentReceived payment: $160.63 Date: Jul 25, 2022 BTC Hash: b139807998da030a75e309edbb02502726d1e25a649fa425926d349af5aec294
Jul 23rd, 2022 02:35 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 185.174.159.xxx
ExcellentNew Litecoin withdraw. 4.36750888 LTC ~ 245.15 $ Hash: 0ecac5cf86ede0eeadde1db6d648a980d707b04251e5af902ba6722db8bcb874
Jul 23rd, 2022 02:00 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 209.127.24.xxx
ExcellentPayed me. $297.80 has been successfully sent to your BTC account bc1qjv4amnghwsf0c6yztm4krgwnurrdxmw0y6nd9h. Transaction batch (TX) is 13d24934986fb8b21d090b6b0f1a777dc1aa2c152c5e8626f77cfdd7a8eea78a.
Jul 23rd, 2022 01:18 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 194.150.167.xxx
Excellent$67.27 has been deposited on your Dash account. Transaction ID: 1823073726d0f3b5a2830a00b42eeea0afb52e0baf2d098da52044b7aade6306
Jul 22nd, 2022 02:47 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 143.202.163.xxx
ExcellentHello Sharmin. $206.71 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account THur7irwupMZS58RWd6mTKsxPh4zvoNxYj. Transaction batch is 15c03942774cf5a7638164d667c59287a67f043b606092dcb9f7c5167f79c62e.
Jul 22nd, 2022 02:21 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 199.33.68.xxx
ExcellentNew Etherium withdraw. +70.91 USD Hash: 0xf55a40aed764b963fecf58506d49b6cf46613b1b11dad7d6ef020ff4018eb879
Jul 22nd, 2022 01:56 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 5.154.174.xxx
ExcellentReceived payment: $366.89 Date: Jul 22, 2022 BTC Hash: 40991e73d7ff6dec2af3b88f258decd770f60204b24ff44b2013d83fddb445e1
Jul 21st, 2022 05:52 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 173.245.211.xxx
ExcellentAmazing fast payments. Received LTC payment. 2.85408866 LTC ($163.14) Transaction batch is: fea4e9d87dd1a8fc466dd1996243c7bd0e024e7de0c962473bab06b9ec5a595b
Jul 21st, 2022 05:39 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 138.199.58.xxx
Excellent$117.80 has been successfully sent to your Dash account Xh84mBF8MQETSzNzECCtKa35dRcNShEUvH. Transaction batch is 9d95f875bcf6b0812266d1040d5cabd25a1e436447dc5dab594da161f0af3003.
Jul 21st, 2022 05:21 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 80.246.28.xxx
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Jul 20th, 2022 02:20 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 216.131.110.xxx
ExcellentDate: 2022-07-20 12:05 Coin: USDT Deposit amount: 89.56 Network: TRX Address: TM7hChrU8KZYZAXYVXQw3G9UZ2s99tMURv TxID: 76977473020038c386498aa348d640f7ceffc1e4980c3938729414d47998782f
Jul 20th, 2022 02:06 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 191.101.24.xxx
Excellent$91.58 has been successfully sent to your BTC account 35cVyWAfLYRy6QjYN23YUNvfGi5rCDnemo. Transaction batch (TX) is a17a06e9cae44d11b3f19a66e749fc4fadd41a4f39c1f2f5b1aac7724fddc59a.
Jul 20th, 2022 01:49 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 199.33.69.xxx
ExcellentPAYMENT 1.87144659 LTC ($108.39) Hash: 7547f74aa62e9dc426c1404c37065b8978ad410a83570ffa46aa5243060c74a9
Jul 19th, 2022 03:15 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 78.110.173.xxx
Excellent$57.89 has been deposited on your Dash account. Transaction ID: db4ae62b1ecab554c0be53849f2893a2291e76b638f97c9a1376d10effb8351e
Jul 19th, 2022 02:55 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 37.120.144.xxx
ExcellentAmazing project and VIP plans with great income. $2,954.00 has been successfully sent to your BTC account bc1qc7de6qrk9362glz05dpecvqvsx8kjwus8k7sry. Transaction batch (TX) is 4b3eb09a5a1c304cde73f0248ba734930e63b6b9f7d7ba26efc5cedcbd8c70a5.
Jul 19th, 2022 02:37 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 131.153.41.xxx
ExcellentDate: 2022-07-19 12:53 Coin: USDT Deposit amount: 304.05 Network: TRX Address: TRcZon4xkimwfaQfKfr7NmgCPYs4h3hqxq TxID: ed124f489663b75428ddcde00c766bde2d8f25c7f125564860eea5b0c6ff629c
Jul 18th, 2022 04:10 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 176.67.86.xxx
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Jul 18th, 2022 03:56 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 87.239.255.xxx
ExcellentНовая выплата Litecoin. 2.19815971 LTC ~ 122.50 $ Hash: e70e923c90ad236b6854d760d77e5d51dcdd5a41439c2451a3088f4af91222b5
Jul 18th, 2022 03:41 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 209.127.24.xxx
Excellent$347.78 has been successfully sent to your BTC account 3JjEvj3mPaXdPs1NnepcujiqUtkwcRjcst. Transaction batch (TX) is dbc2fc6740a261699fc32f3a4bde4aeb0b8e0006c7e787d85e90fdeaca338473.
Jul 16th, 2022 02:20 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 84.17.58.xxx
ExcellentPayment from VIP plan. Hello ExpertHYIP. $6,917.90 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TG38YzCp2MZXkMHTpo5nSNPpRGsDc1GAHT. Transaction batch is 861f7b1f48011d0b5ac5af05d8f2273f96b8c0bbc69063791040b864d0023717.
Jul 16th, 2022 02:04 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 146.70.102.xxx
ExcellentInstantly. Withdrawal $ 48.46 DATE Jul 16, 2022 Withdraw to account DAcH2VUgnHQzqabyUFQrDsoXzrxz1d77v4. Hash is fd38d62454455b8a49f372b4d9fa0a7e9bc9967868af753a1721bfd447d590d4.
Jul 16th, 2022 01:45 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 84.17.62.xxx
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Jul 15th, 2022 02:21 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 2.58.242.xxx
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Jul 15th, 2022 02:02 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 185.76.9.xxx
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Jul 15th, 2022 01:46 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 196.244.191.xxx
ExcellentThanks. New incoming BTC transaction. +0.004587 BTC ($94.07) Hash: 45cb2a8fee71c6f45ca63732e00ab7f845d3926108d745f68e43f6ddfe77a7d0
Jul 14th, 2022 12:05 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 185.246.208.xxx
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Jul 14th, 2022 11:51 AM xxxxx@gmail.com 194.33.40.xxx
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Jul 14th, 2022 11:16 AM xxxxx@gmail.com 195.54.178.xxx
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Jul 13th, 2022 02:10 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 92.62.121.xxx
ExcellentNew fast payment. Transaction ID: 8b3656ae28e743ef184025b0d5cd59414ae4a27c9f98b2c8f0bfe9d0606b26d1 Date of transaction: 13.07.2022 08:24 Amount: 109.59 USD
Jul 13th, 2022 02:01 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 62.197.153.xxx
ExcellentHello Sharmin. $90.41 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TYEZF5tzaQ4m3UaySJD49tmzvFzn27rhrk. Transaction batch is 139981ec51d8beb5bba4e30cb8e333c01c2b29ed74be8d24f5a5bc9a17f65f71.
Jul 12th, 2022 03:43 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 89.187.163.xxx
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Jul 12th, 2022 03:28 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 138.199.58.xxx
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Jul 11th, 2022 02:13 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 87.249.133.xxx
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Jul 11th, 2022 02:03 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 193.218.35.xxx
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Jul 11th, 2022 01:51 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 91.206.168.xxx
ExcellentPAYMENT 4.62529172 LTC ($241.30) Hash: a83f71aa0e6c64788555fdab286e4c8a84834cbcb36eeca37e6906895238ce16
Jul 9th, 2022 03:24 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 185.44.78.xxx
Excellent$64.37 has been deposited on your Dash account. Transaction ID: cf8c687e2f5a9f23e0bc1740bd7bee235c1745e38b32ab9f3aa4b5f869ecd6ee
Jul 9th, 2022 03:12 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 146.70.120.xxx
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Jul 9th, 2022 02:56 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 146.70.111.xxx
ExcellentDate: 2022-07-09 Coin: USDT Deposit amount: 49.20 Network: TRX Address: TMxcJG96MCw4uoCJi7FYFNkxCjBf7hz9Bx TxID: 4ccdcb23e591817b08d2d413509f40f0326597de41e4d29bd930238051b20ffb
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Jul 8th, 2022 02:49 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 87.239.255.xxx
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Jul 7th, 2022 06:32 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 134.19.188.xxx
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Jul 7th, 2022 02:29 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 146.70.55.xxx
ExcellentReceived payment: $872.37 Date: Jul 7, 2022 8:14 AM BTC Hash: 7aaecebc979ae1540bbc204050300b0f89213ee87fec299a703478f644c322e0
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Jul 6th, 2022 03:23 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 87.249.139.xxx
ExcellentДата 2022/07/06 Монета Dash Сумма 535.12 USD TxHash 73a2ab454023572fcd9ae32dda75dd6e53065191c06226cbea4e53f3829b6634
Jul 6th, 2022 03:14 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 143.244.42.xxx
ExcellentPAYMENT 52.5 USDT Hash: 4c594efa2be18f0e5b79c7dd50e4eb5edbc1762bb9042b5e7b2c4a22d35cd813
Jul 6th, 2022 02:21 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 138.199.60.xxx
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Jul 5th, 2022 04:45 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 195.181.166.xxx
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Jul 5th, 2022 04:14 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 196.244.191.xxx
ExcellentNew incoming BTC transaction. +0.00228105 BTC ($46.15) Hash: 6d442a257ce04fa8e7975fdeeba52c5a3f3cbd268ff945742ac1e269d9a07077
Jul 5th, 2022 04:04 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 185.102.217.xxx
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Jul 4th, 2022 01:51 PM xxxxx@gmail.com 194.150.167.xxx
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