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300% RCB

Nnj-Techno Project Details

Investment plans: 0.65% daily for 3 days | 0.85% daily for 7 days | 1.15% daily for 15 days | 1.55% daily for 40 days | 250% after 3 days | 600% after 5 days | 4000% after 50 days | 6500% after 70 days


Our deposit: $100.00

Payout ratio: 74%

Worked: 106 days

Monitored: 106 days

Minimal spend: 10$

Referral bonus: 1-5%*

Withdrawal: Instant

Principal return: Yes, after expiration

Interest charge: Calendar days

Maximal spend: 200$

Last paid: Jun 1st, 2023

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Users voting: No votes

Support: -

Minimum withdrawal: $0.5
NNJ TECHNO is a company that specializes in investing and developing trading robots for the Forex market. The company was founded by experienced traders and programmers several years ago with the aim of creating unique technologies that automate trading on the Forex market. One of the main tasks of the company is to provide its clients with tools for automated trading on Forex. NNJ TECHNO develops robots that are capable of analyzing the market, making decisions, and executing trades automatically, without requiring constant monitoring and involvement of the trader. In addition, NNJ TECHNO is involved in Forex investing. The company uses its own technologies to analyze the market and make decisions on buying and selling currencies. The company aims to achieve maximum profitability for its investors, using its knowledge and experience in Forex trading. NNJ TECHNO has its own trading platform, which is used for trading on Forex. The platform allows investors to make trades on the Forex market online and provides access to a wide range of tools and analytical data necessary for successful trading. NNJ TECHNO also provides its clients with educational materials and consultations on Forex trading. This helps beginners in this field to quickly get started and start earning on the Forex market. NNJ TECHNO takes responsibility for the safety of its clients' funds, providing secure methods of depositing and withdrawing funds. Overall, NNJ TECH is a company that specializes in investing and developing trading robots for Forex, aiming to help its clients achieve maximum profitability on the currency market. Modern technologies and experienced specialists allow the company to succeed in this field.

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