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300% RCB

Niton Capital Ltd Project Details

Investment plans: 1.2% daily for 3 days | 1.5% daily for 4 days | 1.8% daily for 5 days | 2.2% daily for 6 days | 2.5% daily for 7 days


Our deposit: $200.00

Payout ratio: 1%

Worked: 8 days

Monitored: 2 days

Minimal spend: $1

Referral bonus: 5%, 0.5%, 0.3%, 0.1%, 0.1%*

Withdrawal: Instant

Principal return: Yes, after expiration

Interest charge: Calendar days

Maximal spend: $5000

Last paid: Mar 19th, 2023

Our rating: Rating HYIPRating HYIPRating HYIPRating HYIPRating HYIP

Users voting: No votes

Support: -

Minimum withdrawal: $1 ePayCore, $10 Tether USD
NITON CAPITAL LTD is a company that allows others to earn. We have made a successful career in trading. And now we are happy to share our financial instruments with you. The NITON CAPITAL LTD team helps newcomers, because it is easy to lose all your capital in this area. By entrusting your funds to us, you not only multiply them, but also automatically insure them - we work exclusively through insurance companies to save your money first of all, and, of course, ours. In this regard, our investors are always calm. And the license received recently gives an even greater guarantee of the security of transactions for our investors and their partners.

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