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300% RCB

Deep Trade Project Details

Investment plans: trading - flexible daily income (profit transfer to balance every 7 days)

Status: PAYING

Our deposit: $200.00

Payout ratio: 12%

Lifetime: 180 days

Monitored: 38 days

Minimal spend: $100

Referral bonus: 9-15%*

Withdrawal: Manual

Principal return: Yes, after expiration

Interest charge: Working days

Maximal spend: $10,000

Last paid: May 20th, 2023

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Minimum withdrawal: $10 (up to 48 hours, $2.5 fee)
WHO IS OUR PLATFORM FOR? The DEEP TRADE platform suits everyone without exception. One of the main goals of the platform is to simplify access to cryptocurrency trading for everyone. In everyday life, it's difficult for any person to start successful cryptocurrency trading from scratch, relying on only one desire. If you decide to start trading cryptocurrencies, you should have a large knowledge base and basic trading skills. DEEP TRADE helps to avoid all the complexities, nuances and losses. You can start trading even without minimal skills using our platform right now! USING THE PLATFORM Anyone can create a personal and anonymous account on the DEEP TRADE platform. Creating an account and using the platform doesn't obligate you to anything. Platform tools are provided free of charge. The main tool of our platform is the DTT (Deep Trade Terminal) trading terminal. With it, you can trade automatically. DTT is based on the author's Deep Neural-Network Trading System neural network. Its main task is break-even trades with cryptocurrency pairs. The Deep Neural-Network Trading System neural network completely performs all trading operations in automatic mode: it analyzes, makes decisions and selects cryptocurrency pairs with which you can trade in the short term. Also, the neural network is constantly trained and corrects algorithms in real time. PLATFORM Cryptocurrency trading is the foundation of our platform. We use the author's neural network, the development of which began in 2009, when few people knew about neural networks and machine learning. In recent years, we have been able to achieve our goals thanks to the rapid development of technology, and in fact, bring neural network trading to break-even trades. Only 61 developers in the world have algorithms and mechanisms for training and work of the Deep Neural-Network Trading System neural network, but none of them has 100% of all the final information. Therefore, our security and privacy policy has been stable for many years. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION The most important principle of the platform is the anonymity and safety of our clients. We don't collect, store or distribute personal information of our clients. Similar rules also apply to the internal policy of the platform in order to prevent leakage of algorithms and source code of our platform. We can provide public access to only a few basic trading algorithms, on which the work of the neural network is based: Day Trading: in this trading option, our neural network is based on deep and fast technical analysis, which helps to choose the best assets to work with. Several types of cryptocurrencies are selected for trading based on it. Scalping: Scalping is cryptocurrency trading on super short time frames. The neural network opens and closes orders in just a couple of seconds. Neural network based technical analysis tools are used for such trades. Only it will help you predict pri

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