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Crypto Citadel Project Details

Investment plans: 5% - 8% monthly for 30 - 360 days


Our deposit: $100.00

Payout ratio: 88%

Last paid: Jan 7th, 2024

Minimal spend: $10

Maximal spend: $100,000

Referral bonus: 1%-28%*

Support: -

Withdrawal: Manual

Interest charge: Calendar days

Principal return: Yes, after expiration

Worked: 268 days

Monitored: 265 days

Users voting: 5 / 5

Minimum withdrawal: 10$
Completely independent and automatic operation of your investments. Income for investors from 5% to 10% per month. The company has implemented an insurance fund - these are the company's funds that guarantee payments in case of unforeseen situations. At the beginning of each month, a portion of Crypto Citadel's profits will be transferred to the insurance fund.

Payment systems: PaymentTether TRC20 | PaymentTether BEP20

Hyip features: FeatureStrong DDoS protection | FeatureSSL encryption | FeatureDedicated server/IP | FeatureUnique script

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Date E-Mail IP
Oct 7th, 2023 11:56 AM [email protected] 103.102.139.xxx
Excellent$1.25 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account. Transaction batch is a4ac9c97471ab0e9e62d4c8aa49f8f9aa91f60fd63286e5ced4a307eb1a92744. Withdraw from crypto-citadel to hyipmonitors24.net