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300% RCB

ZiBot Project Details

Investment plans: 100.3% after 3 hours | 104% after 1 day | 108% after 1 day


Our deposit: $50.00

Payout ratio: 0%

Worked: 1 day

Monitored: 1 day

Minimal spend: $10

Referral bonus: 5-10%, 1-3%, 0.5-2%*

Withdrawal: Instant

Principal return: Included in earnings

Interest charge: Calendar days

Maximal spend: $15,000

Last paid: No payouts yet

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Users voting: No votes

Support: -

Minimum withdrawal: 0.0002 btc, 0.005 eth, 0.02 ltc, 5 doge, 1 xrp, 0.005 bnb, 5 trx, 1 usdt_bep20, 3 usdt_trc20, 5 usdt_erc20
ZiBot – This is a team of three people, a programmer and two traders. For five years, we have been successfully trading on various currency exchanges. With the increased popularity of crypto currencies, we completely switched to crypto foreign. All our experience, trading strategies, the ability to bypass the laws of exchanges, we combined in our programs - bots that now trade on their own in automatic mode. We created various bots that trade in various conditions and a different set of currencies. The bots portfolio contains certain cryptocurrencies and exchanges, and may change.

Payment systems: Tether TRC20Tether TRC20 | BitcoinBitcoin | Bitcoin CashBitcoin Cash | LitecoinLitecoin | EthereumEthereum | DogecoinDogecoin | TronTron | RippleRipple | BNB.BSCBNB.BSC

Hyip features: Strong DDoS protectionStrong DDoS protection | SSL encryptionSSL encryption | Licensed Blitz scriptLicensed Blitz script

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