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Zettron Project Details

Investment plans: 10.6% daily for 10 days | 110% after 10 days


Our deposit: $100.00

Payout ratio: 73%

Last paid: Apr 4th, 2024

Minimal spend: $20

Maximal spend: $500

Referral bonus: 6%*

Support: -

Withdrawal: Manual

Interest charge: Calendar days

Principal return: Included in earnings

Worked: 27 days

Monitored: 27 days

Users voting: No votes

Minimum withdrawal: USD Epaycore - $1, USDT-BEP20 - $5, USDT-TRC20 - $10
Zettron Limited redefines traditional companies, guiding you to the forefront of trading and investment. Registered in the UK 07/17/2023 , our London headquarters drive diverse financial activities. From exchange trading to crypto mining partnerships, we innovate with proprietary bots. With over 80 professionals, we prioritize client satisfaction. Committed to innovation, transparency, and trust, we shape today's and tomorrow's investment landscape. Zettron Limited is committed to innovation, shaping today's and tomorrow's investment landscape. Prioritizing transparency, reliability, and trust, we empower investors worldwide. Through collaborations and technology, we revolutionize investing. Join us and unlock tomorrow's investment potential with Zettron.

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